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Digital Illustrator

。 I am a freelance, digital illustrator.
。 I have a certificate in makeup artistry/airbrush.
。 I've lived in the northeast for 25+ years.
。 I practiced archery for around 10 years.
。 I've dyed/cut my hair so many colors/times. So many.
。 I love vintage clothing, cars, and architecture, specifically from the 20s/50s.
Favorite drinks: pepsi, hot chocolate, milkshakes, shirley temple.
Favorite foods: pepperoni pizza, cheeseburgers, potato waffles + beans/cheese, milk chocolate.
Favorite places: Boston MA, Leicester UK.

What programs/tablet do you use?
| Paint Tool SAI
| Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Did you go to school for art?
There were a few mandatory classes and you-need-an-extra-class-to-be-part-time when I went to community college, but besides that, no.
How long have you been drawing for?
10+ years.

How do you pronounce your name?
Hue-tar-in. You can call me Hut if its easier.
What are your favorite games?
FFXIV, Fallout 3/NV/4, Skyrim, Overwatch, Bioshock series, Minecraft, CoD, Halo, Slime Rancher, and more.
Favorite color?
Shades of mauve taupe.
Favorite bands/singers?
Arctic Monkeys, Lorde, Amber Run, Lana Del Rey, Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille, Fenech-Soler, IDKHow, Daughter, Mini Mansions, The Neighborhood, Adna.

|35USD Sketch45USD Inked55USD Flat75USD Shaded

Headshots do not include clothing. Clothing may be requested but will incur an additional charge.

||80USD Sketch120USD Inked160USD Flat

Armour and detailed clothing may be requested but will incur an additional charge.

|||180USD Inked200USD Flat

Armour and detailed clothing may be requested but will incur an additional charge.

|contact for pricing

。 I withhold the right to decline any requests for a commission(s).
。 If accepted, I will send you an invoice for your commission(s) using Paypal that you must pay before I begin work on your commission.
。 Please specify if you would like your commission to remain private.
。 Estimated time for commission completion is generally 2-3 weeks from when I start the commission. If there are any delays, I will notify you.
。 Terms of Service are subject to change.

。 Commissions must be paid 100% upfront.
。 I only accept payment through PAYPAL.
。 I only accept USD.
。 All discounts, sales, and fees are reflected on the invoices I send out.
。 Payment is expected within 24 hours before the commission is started unless otherwise discussed. If I do not receive payment within the 24 hour period I will not start the commission and either close or give the slot to someone else.
。 Never send payment without my approval.

。 You are always able to ask for a refund.
。 Be aware that full-refunds will not be issued if I have started your commission.
Example: You order a full-body inked commission for 55USD. I finished the sketch and you ask for a refund. You will get a refund of 15USD because a full-body sketch costs 40USD.
。 If for some reason I am unable to finish your commission, I will give you a partial refund along with what I have completed.

As the artist…
。 All Rights Reserved.
。 Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use it in any way.
。 My artwork is copyrighted to me.
。 You are not allowed to use my artwork by any means without my permission.
。 I am not responsible for deleted or missing commissions from my galleries.
。 I clean up my galleries every so often, so please save your commissions to your computer or privately on Imgur, Photobucket, etc.
。 You may ask me if I still have your commission file, but I am in no way obligated to refund or replace the commission if I cannot find it.
As the commissioner…
。 The artwork is for personal use only, unless stated otherwise.
。 You must always credit me when reposting or using any of my art. Please ask if unsure.
。 Please, please, please save your commission.
Commissioners are allowed to…
。 Reblog from my Tumblr.
。 Retweet from my Twitter.
。 Print out the artwork, hang it up, show it off to people.
。 Use the artwork as desktop/phone/tablet/ipod background.
。 Use the artwork for physical goods for yourself only.
。 Crop the artwork to be used as an icon/background.
Commissioners are NOT allowed to…
。 Edit my art in any way, except for what is stated above.
。 Get an unwatermarked or unsigned version.
。 Sell or resell my artwork of your characters in conjunction with selling your characters to others.
。 Use my art for commercial use without my proven consent and signed agreement.
。 Deface or destroy the artwork for any reason.
。 Trace the artwork for any reason.

。 General to adult art.
。 Artistic nudity and sexually suggestive themes.
。 Unsure? Ask.

。 Mechs.
。 Children & pregnancy.
。 Vulgar, offensive or too graphic, including extreme gore.
。 "Strange" fetishes such as vore, inflation, watersports, etc.
。 Unsure? Ask.